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January 6, 2010

This blog is about my healing  jounrey, dealing primarily with these subjects;

  • Working with the Iodine Protocol
  • Thyroid Issues
  • Nutritional Therapies
  • Candida
  • Diet & Weight Loss
  • Essential Oils
  • Gluten Free Lifestyle & Recipes
  • Avoiding Environmental Toxins & Big Pharma Drugs
  • Clean Pure Water
  • How I stay out of the Medical Profit Machine by choice
  • Exercise & Building Muscle
  • Pain & Stress Management

I hope that sharing my journey will help others to feel empowered in their own healing journey but this is not medical advice


Dr. Brownstein – Japan Radiation Update 4

March 18, 2011

This is my fourth post about the Japanese nuclear disaster. First, I have to give credit to the U.S. government for suggesting that U.S. citizens move further away (50 miles) from the radiation danger. This action would serve to verify the severity of the crises.

I believe this crisis should highlight the need for each of us to take a more active role in our own health care decisions. It is important to take the proper steps to achieve your optimal health before a crisis arises. Many times these steps include eating a healthy diet and taking the correct supplements. My experience has shown that ensuring an adequate iodine level is one piece of the puzzle to obtaining your optimal health.


Weigh In

May 23, 2010

I guess I won’t bother putting a week as I have missed a couple weigh ins again!  Just when I got back on track my mom got in a bad car crash and was hospitalized so being at the hospital and on the run taking care of tasks took its toll with stress.  Now she is home but needs a lot of help so my diet really went out the window!  Still I am down a pound almost two, as the scale was playing at the 150 line,  so that is good.  I tweaked a disc in my lower back as well so that has been a challenge with some pain. 

Last Weigh In: 152

This Weigh In: 151

Start Weight: 171

Total Loss: 20 pounds

Weigh In Week 2 (Phase 2)

April 25, 2010

I am very surprised by this week because I got my period yesterday so I expected to see no weight loss show until next week due to menstrual water weight gain but I am down 2 pounds despite this!!    I have been getting some exercise but nowhere near a pounds worth so maybe the weights are finally boosting my metabolism, or maybe it is just a sign my thyroid is finally back on track.  This is kind of one of my goal points because for my height the first BMI weight that gets me out of the obese range and into overweight is 153 so I have crossed that hurdle.  It’ll be another 25 pounds though to get me to 127, which is the first weight in the healthy range of my BMI.  Since I haven’t even lost 25 pounds total yet that is a goal that seems far away so I will focus on what has always been my next set point over the years which is the 141 – 142 range for now.  If I can keep up the two pounds a week that would be encouraging.  Losing only 1 pound a week in phase one was a little slow as far as remaining motivated.

At 2 pounds a week that would be July 25 for 26 pounds (or 126) with no plateaus.  Ahh would that be nice!  Right now though I just need to get myself out of the 150s and into the 140s,  Then I’ll  focus on the 130s, go with the small goals and get myself there one small goal at a time seems to work better to keep me from getting discouraged.

Phase 2 Week 2

Beginning of Phase 2: 156

Weight Last Week: 154

Current Weight: 152

This Week’s Loss: 2 pounds

Total Phase 2 Loss so far: 4 pounds

This Week’s Exercise Calories Burned: 1112

This Week’s Calorie Intake Average: 1326 / day


Total Loss in Phase 1 & 2: 19 pounds

Phase 1 – Nov 1 – February 1  —-  171 – 156  – 15 pounds lost

February and March – Plateau with higher calorie intake, started to exercise again after thyroiditis made that impossible for a year and a half.

Phase 2 began April 11

New Start with Diet & Exercise

April 18, 2010

It’s been a few weeks since I weighed in because I have been on a plateau.  Multiple things factored in with this.   One was raising my iodine dose so my body was working on  getting rid of higher levels of toxins.  Another factor my body decided to start having regular periods again how long this will last is unknown.  Then I was working through some high stress stuff and simply was eating more comfort foods.  Not enough to gain weight but enough not to lose.  I also started doing some exercise again and I think initially after a long illness that was actually a stress factor instead of a stress reliever.

So essentially I maintained 156 which is down 15 pounds from my start and has in the past been one of my set points.  I had hit 155 and 154 during the journey but then would bounce back up to 156

This week I upped the exercise but also the calories trying to find out what my body is doing or not I did essentially the amount of exercise that equaled the extra calories I ate.  I did about 1600 calories worth of exercise and added about that many calories.  I thought if my body was really burring the calories like it should then I should lose one pound as normal.  I normally stagger 1200 calories and this week turned out to average 1435 per day.

This morning’s weigh in was 154 down 2 pounds so that is a surprise with this little experiment but may also simply reflect that I have been wobbling a little at this point for a while so the real test will be getting back to business so to speak with the calories and now the added exercise for this coming week.  I think my body is ready to go down again and I think my thyroiditis is essentially resolved and I am steady at 50 mg iodoral.  Sure would be nice to get to losing 2 pound per week level instead of one.  I think I would need a serious metabolism boost as it was a lot for me right now to get 1600 calories of exercise last week and that is far from the 3500 needed for one pound.  I am building some muscle and maybe just getting that much movement in general after this long illness will help rev things up too. 

So starting at 171

I lost the first 15 by January 24 in 13 weeks  Then for 10 weeks my body bounced around from 154 to 156. 

New start

last week 156
this week 154     -2 pounds

Total loss is 17 pounds

This week will now be the real test of breaking this level since I haven’t been lower than 154

Weigh In Week 17

February 21, 2010

Starting Weight: 171

Weight last week: 156

Weight this week:  155

Pounds lost: 1

Total Pounds lost:  16

slow but steady

Weekly Calorie goal is always 8400 calories = 1200 a day

This week’s calories: 8551 (+151)

Back on track after the detoxing plateau it looks like.  Started some really moderate exercise this week had two bowflex sessions where I was just getting a feel for what I could lift right now so I could create a good routine,  and a couple short cardio sessions on the air walker.

Weigh In Week 16

February 14, 2010

I realized I never posted my week 15 weigh in  I gained a pound even though my calories were good. I upped my iodine dose though and have been going through a period of fungal die off as well as some bromide detox so I think that is likely the culprit.  I had the one week at 155 but that may have been a fluke because at one point this week i jumped on the scale spontaneously and was 155 so essentially I think I am just at a 3 week plateau while detoxing after losing 15 pounds so that is not all that unusual, although not what I want to see.

Even though I am still exhausted it really is time to start the activity as well, that will help my body clear toxins as well as burn calories.  I jumped on this air walker thing yesterday for 25 minutes and then did a light bowflex just to see where my weights should be so I can set up a starting routine.  I was sore very soon after and still a little sore today after so long of being inactive.  Just need to stay the coarse and not get discouraged.  Of course now am at 15 pounds in 16 weeks so I am not even at the one pound per week so its time to lose two this week and catch up LOL.

We are just covered in many feet of snow so getting outside to walk is really not doable since the road is ice and mud.  Sure would be nice to have a good treadmill or treadclimber.  The airwalker thing is better than nothing but not the best.

Starting Weight: 171

Weight last week: 156

Weight this week:  156

Pounds lost: 0

Total Pounds lost:  15

Pamela’s Chocolate Chunk Cookies

February 3, 2010

Package of Chocolate Chunk Cookie MixThese are officially my favorite Gluten Free cookies.  The first time I made them I left them to cook just a little too long and they were hard, but tasted good.  The next time I watched them a little more carefully.  Cookies raise and puff up then start to fall, once they had fallen I took them right out of the oven.  I didn’t time them at all.  That was the trick, they are soft and chewy and wonderful.  They stay soft in Tupperware too.  Yum

If you make 18 of them then they are 150 calories – 15 carbs – 2 protein



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