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MMS Skin Watch – Fixed with Iodoral

January 8, 2010

My mom has had basal cell carcinoma twice, once ten years ago and then ten years previous to that.  They were removed with no issues she had no spread of cancer and didn’t need any other treatment than removing the growths. The other day she had a spasm in a back muscle and while I was putting an icy hot patch on there for her I noticed a little area that looked abnormal.  So I grabbed the camera and took some macro shots.  There was one main area and one tiny area that was almost unnoticeable  that looked odd to me.  When she looked at the photos she said they clearly are not currently basal cell carcinoma but may be a pre-growth.

She decided this would be a good watch item for the MMS treatment.  She is currently working her drops up slowly and when she gets to full dose we will start putting MMS topically on these abnormal areas to see what happens.

She has been a nurse for over 50 years so you can be sure she is not risking her health in any way by waiting to see what happens with the MMS before seeing a dermatologist.

I originally posted this on my other blog Healthy Empowerment in August 2008 ( ), which was originally going to include personal stuff as well as info found on the web.  The personal stuff just seemed like it was going to get lost in all the web articles and that is why I started this blog for the personal journey.  Interestingly enough she never got up to a full dose of MMS and neither did I.  The MMS was quite intense and while I still believe it has its place I don’t think for me it is an all the time thing, more like an occasional cleanse every couple years for a month or so.  I certaninly will never go to 15 drops of MMS I think I got up to 9 and that about did me in :-).  The whole family stopped in September of 08 I think. 

In February of 09 when I got thyroiditis, we all started iodine therapy with Iodoral.  Mom has been taking 12.5 mg all this time as she doesn’t have any health issues to deal with.  A couple months ago she had a weird rash and stopped by the dermatologist and got some cream for it and while there said they may as well look at this little spot on her back.  Well it was gone!  The iodine which is the only thing she changed in all that time took care of it.

The biggest area it is close to the size of a dime.





The other little area  



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