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Essential Oil Blend 1

January 14, 2010

Engtovo’s Fungal Blend Essential Oils

Oil Drops
Anise 3
Eucalyptus 20
Juniper 10
Lavender / Geranium combo 25
Lemon 20
Lemongrass 20
Myrrh 5
Neroli in jojoba 10
Oregano 15
Ravensara Aromatica 10
Rosemary 4
Sage 7
Spanish Oregano 15
Tea Tree 50
Ylang Ylang 10

If using lavender and geranium as separate oils

15 drops lavender and 10 drops geranium

© 2010 Engtovo Bhodsvatan  – All rights reserved

These recipes are my personal creations.  I share these recipes for personal use only.  I am not giving anyone permission to produce and package products from these recipes and sell them, or in any way represent these recipes as their own.


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