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Weigh In – Week 13

January 24, 2010

Starting Weight: 171

Weight last week: 157

Weight this week:  156

Pounds lost: 1

Total Pounds lost:  15

slow but steady

Weekly Calorie goal is always 8400 calories = 1200 a day

This week’s calories: 8704 (+304)

First goal is 153 to be into the overweight range of the BMI
Second goal 127 to be in the healthy weight range of the BMI
Final goal to be at my optimum weight range of 99-104

At this point I am taking my goals by the 10’s,  just focus on getting into the 140’s from the 150’s right now, then when I am in the 140’s, Ill focus on getting to the 130’s, that seems to help to not feel overwhelmed by how far I have to go.

Yesterday I  dumped the jeans I couldn’t get into when I started.   I was wearing sweats because I had nothing that fit at the beginning.  Then I got into my jeans  and now right on out of them YEA. Currently in New 14’s with my 12’s in the closet waiting, cause the 14’s are not exactly tight they won’t be around long.


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