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Weigh In Week 16

February 14, 2010

I realized I never posted my week 15 weigh in  I gained a pound even though my calories were good. I upped my iodine dose though and have been going through a period of fungal die off as well as some bromide detox so I think that is likely the culprit.  I had the one week at 155 but that may have been a fluke because at one point this week i jumped on the scale spontaneously and was 155 so essentially I think I am just at a 3 week plateau while detoxing after losing 15 pounds so that is not all that unusual, although not what I want to see.

Even though I am still exhausted it really is time to start the activity as well, that will help my body clear toxins as well as burn calories.  I jumped on this air walker thing yesterday for 25 minutes and then did a light bowflex just to see where my weights should be so I can set up a starting routine.  I was sore very soon after and still a little sore today after so long of being inactive.  Just need to stay the coarse and not get discouraged.  Of course now am at 15 pounds in 16 weeks so I am not even at the one pound per week so its time to lose two this week and catch up LOL.

We are just covered in many feet of snow so getting outside to walk is really not doable since the road is ice and mud.  Sure would be nice to have a good treadmill or treadclimber.  The airwalker thing is better than nothing but not the best.

Starting Weight: 171

Weight last week: 156

Weight this week:  156

Pounds lost: 0

Total Pounds lost:  15


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