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Weigh In – Week 14

January 31, 2010

Starting Weight: 171

Weight last week: 156

Weight this week:  155

Pounds lost: 1

Total Pounds lost:  16

slow but steady

Weekly Calorie goal is always 8400 calories = 1200 a day

This week’s calories: 8384 (-16)

Still annoyed by the clothes sizing thing.  The new 14’s I got were already a little big but still ok, so I pulled out my old 12’s from about 5-7 years ago and I tried them on and couldn’t get them zipped up.  These are the same brand as the new pants Lee Rider Relaxed Fit petite.  So on Friday I picked up a couple pairs of the current 12’s and I can get them on and in a couple more pounds they will be comfortable.   Which means they changed the sizes AGAIN sometime in the last few years and my old 12’s are current 10’s grrrrrr.  I know I can’t fit into them until I am at least 148 from the past.  I also know that in 11th grade I gained a little weight and was in a 9-10 instead of a 7-8 and at that point I weighted all of 108 pounds!!!!!  So my previous comment about those who say they wear the same size they wore in high school having gained 20-25 pounds is not true.  They have actually gained 35 – 40 pounds!  That is just so disgusting I can hardly even believe it.  I will be wearing a size 8 then in my 130’s which is not even within the healthy range of my BMI.  So the healthy BMI range for my height is like a size 0 through a size 6 with the size 6 still being very heavy for my frame WTF!


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